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McDonald’s Cosplay Servers

McDonald’s Cosplay Servers
John: Hey Amanda, did you hear about that McDonald’s in Taipei?  The workers wear cosplay costumes,like maids, flight attendants, and Japanese schoolgirls!  I’m really looking forward to my next business trip to Taipei!
約翰:嘿,亞曼達,你有聽說最近台北麥當勞的消息嗎? 他們的員工穿著像女僕、空服員還有日本高校服等角色扮演的服裝!我好期待我下次去台北出差喔!

Amanda: John, that’s inappropriate.
亞曼達: 約翰,我覺得那樣很不恰當。

John: Why?

Amanda: Two things come to mind immediately.  First, are all the workers young women?  Second, you’re an adult man talking about being entertained by young women.
亞曼達:因為這使我立即想到兩件事。首先,這些員工都是年輕女性吧? 第二,你是個成年的男性,卻說著這些年輕女生讓你們有多開心、多快樂。

John: Don’t get so riled up!  Why do you have to politicize everything?
約翰:不要那麼神經質好嗎! 你幹麻每次都要小題大作?

Amanda: Do you really not see a problem with this? You’re excited about young girls in submissive positions.

John: I was about to tell you to get off your high horse, but when you put it like that, I can see what you mean.

Amanda: Good!


Inappropriate(adj) 不恰當的 (形容詞)
I don’t mean to be inappropriate, but I need to tell you that I can see right through your shirt.  You should really put on a sweater.

Immediately (adv)  立刻地 (副詞)
Oh my goodness, why are you standing on the table? Get down immediately, before you fall!
我的天阿,你站在桌子上面幹麻? 在你跌下來之前立刻下來!

Submissive (adj) 服從的 (形容詞)
 Despite efforts to increase his self-esteem, Dennis still felt submissive around bullies.

Politicize (verb) 政治化、把某件事的議題放大讓大家都關心 (動詞)
My cousin likes to politicize everything, and that makes it hard to have a regular conversation with her.


To be looking forward to something 期待某事
 I’m so happy that my parents will visit!  I’m really looking forward to seeing them.

Get riled up  使某人生氣或繃緊神經
Hey, we’re going to make it on time, so calm down!  There’s no reason to get riled up.

Sitting on a high horse 自以為是、自以為地位崇高
My neighbor thinks he’s better than everyone else because his kid goes to the best university.  He’s always sitting on his high horse, judging everyone else’s kids.

Come to mind 想到、某種想法浮上心頭
When you talk about traveling next summer, France comes to mind.

悼 保羅沃克

Grieving Paul Walker 


Sarah: Hey, John. Did you hear that Paul Walker kicked the bucket in a car accident?
John: Geez, Sarah show a little respect. A man just died.

Sarah: Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't want to make light of his death. To 
me it's sad, but I guess I just don't feel grief for someone I’ve never met. 

John: Well, I was a fan of The Fast and The Furious series. But, more importantly, the world has lost a generous and kind-hearted person.  He started an NPO called Reach Out Worldwide that sends skilled volunteers to help after natural disasters, like earthquakes and typhoons.

Sarah: Wow. I had no idea that he was such a compassionate person. I hope Reach Out Worldwide does okay considering their founder passed away.

John: I think they'll be fine, but it's still sad. 

Sarah: I see what you mean now. Well, hopefully his legacy will live on.


莎拉: 欸~約翰。你知道保羅沃克在一場車禍裡頭掛點了嗎?      

約翰: 老天啊! 放尊重一下好不好! 有一個人剛往生欸。

莎拉: 抱歉啦。不是故意要冒犯你。我不是想要輕視他的死。我知道這是很傷心的,但是

約翰: 恩. 我是電影玩命關頭的粉絲。更重要的是,這世界又失去了一個慷慨善良的人。

莎拉: 哇! 我完全不知道他是一個這麼有慈悲心的人。希望 ''全球伸援'' 在他的創辦人往生

約翰: 我認為他們會度過的。但這事依舊傷感。

莎拉: 現在我懂了。但願他的遺愛長存。


Geez (exclamation) 老天啊! (感嘆詞)
She should have known better! I mean, geez! She's 25 years old! 
她怎麼會不懂啊!  我是說, 拜託! 他都已經25歲咧! 

Offend (v) 冒犯  (動詞)
Be careful what you say to my grandmother. It's easy to offend her.
和我阿嬤說話時小心點啊! 她很容易被冒犯 (激怒)。        

Grief (n) 悲痛 (名詞) 
Kate was a fan of Princess Diana, and felt a lot of grief after she died.

NPO / Non-profit organization無營利組織 (名詞)
There are NPO all over the world who try to make life better for people and animals.

Skilled (adj) 有技能的 (形容詞)
 Maria is quite skilled at cooking. Whenever she invites me over for dinner it's so delicious that I can't stop eating!

Legacy (n) 遺產 (名詞)
My grandmother left a legacy of love for her grandkids.


Kick the bucket 翹辮子了 / 掛點(死亡的戲稱)
I hope I kick the bucket well into my 90s.

Show a little respect 尊重點
Please stop using your cellphone during the concert. Show a little respect for the performers!

Make light of 輕蔑 /藐視
When you say I should just cheer up, I feel like you are making light of my serious problems.

Pass away 往生
My grandmother passed away when I was a teenager.

Rob Ford - giving Toronto a black eye

Rob Ford - giving Toronto a black eye

Ali: Oh my goodness… Rob Ford’s in the news again today!
Jimbob:Who’s Rob Ford? And why is he in the news?
Ali: Ha! Why isn’t he in the news at this point? He’s the mayor of Toronto, but now he’s a national punch line. 
Jimbob:Oh... the mayor of Toronto. I saw a story in the news. He smoked crack cocaine, 
Ali: That’s just the tip of the iceberg. He also confessed to driving while intoxicated! He appeared at public events hammered out of his mind. He allegedly hosted wild parties in the mayor’s office with prostitutes! Prostitutes!
Jimbob:That’s quite a list of shenanigans. And now he’s in the news again?
Ali:This time a former staffer is accusing him or sexual harassment. He’s like a gift that keeps on giving to the media, but he’s giving Toronto a black eye.
Jimbob: I wonder what he’ll do next?

Ali:喔 老天啊! Rob Ford 今天又上新聞了。

Jimbob:Rob Ford 是誰啊? 那他是為了哪件事上新聞啦?

Ali:哈! 在這節骨眼上,他當然會上新聞囉。他是多倫多的市長,但是他現在可是全國的笑柄。

Jimbob:喔! 多倫多的市長。我有看到新聞說他有吸食古柯鹼,對吧?

Ali:那只是冰山一角咧。他還坦承爛醉開車, 醉醺醺的出席在公開場合,據說他還和找來一些妓女在市長辦公室開狂野啪!妓女欸!





intoxicated 喝個爛醉
I got a bit too intoxicated last night. I was pretty hungover this morning.

hammered 醉醺醺; 醉茫茫
Did you see the pictures Jerry posted on Facebook from the party? He’s half naked in most of 
them. He must have been so hammered!
你有看見Jerry昨晚在臉書上傳的的派對照片嗎? 他幾乎半裸欸。他一定已經喝茫了。

allegedly 據說 傳聞
The CEO allegedly made payments to his former bodyguard to stop him from writing a book 
about his experiences.

shenanigans 胡鬧  惡作劇
It’s tradition for students to engage in youthful shenanigans on the last day of school


a punch line:笑點(笑話最重要的部分)
Kanye West’s rants are the punchlines of many jokes on late-night shows.

the tip of the iceberg
The problems that you see here now are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous 
disasters waiting to happen.

a gift that keeps giving源源不絕的禮物
Celebrity meltdowns are gifts that keep on giving to the paparazzi. The stories just keep getting better and better as the meltdown gets worse.

black eye
The CEO’s scandals have given the whole company a black eye and have lowered the stock price. 


Blockbuster to Close Remaining Storefronts


Bob: Hey man, is this a Blockbuster card in your wallet?
Will:  Yeah, why? Everyone needs a Blockbuster card, right?

Bob: Uhhh, not since 1998! It’s a new millenium, you fossil. Aren’t they defunct now anyways?
Will:  I heard they’re about to be. How do you get your movies?  
Bob: There’s this little thing called the Internet… I stream my movies. Netflix, hulu, you know. And… well, when I don’t have any money, I download… you know... pirated copies.
Will: Pirated copies? How do you get those? Are there secret illegal websites or something?
Bob: You’re such a luddite.  Maybe you should just stick to Movies-On-Demand through your TV. 
Will: Maybe I should look into that. I heard Blockbuster was closing up shop anyways.

潔西卡: 嘿,老兄。你錢包裡那一張該不會是百視達卡吧?
潔西卡: 啊... 大概1998年以後就沒人用了吧?都已經二十一世紀了!你這老化石。這張卡現在不是沒用了嗎?
潔西卡:  這世上有一種叫做 ''網路''的小東西...我都在線上看啊。 Netflix, 葫蘆..線上隨選電影 。你知道的,欸,有時候我沒錢的時候,我會抓...就是...盜版的電影。
潔西卡:  你真是個老古董。也許你應該盯著你家電視里的MOD就好了。

1) fossil 化石 ; 守舊的事
By NBA standards, Kobe Bryant is almost a fossil. 

 以NBA球壇的水準,Kobe Bryant幾乎可以算是化石了吧。

2) defunct 廢止  死的
Cassette tapes are a defunct technology that only people over 30 still remember.
3) stream 線上收看、串流
Sometimes I sit at home all day streaming Youtube videos.
3) pirated 盜版的 
It’s still common to find vendors selling pirated DVDs at the night markets.
4) luddite 強烈反對科技的人
My luddite mother refuses to use Skype. She still calls me on the phone. 
5) on-demand (MOD=movies on-demand) 隨選的
You can get anything on-demand these days. Pizza, movies, even dates.

Idioms and Expressions: 慣用語和實用表達法
e1) closing up shop
Let’s close up shop for tonight. There aren’t many people out shopping because of the rain.


Earthquake Spooks Taiwan on Halloween


Jessica: Hey. Did you feel the earthquake? It gave me quite a frighte1 when I was in class.
Aaron: Yeah. That was a pretty powerful tremor1What’s even spookier is that it’s Halloween!

Jessica: Let’s check the Central Weather Bureau3 website to see where it came from and how strong it was.
Aaron: (checking the CWB website) According toe2 the website, it was a magnitude4 6.3 earthquake that originated5 just south of Hualien.
Jessica: I certainly hope nobody got hurt.
Aaron: It probably gave a lot of people a bit of a scare on Halloween Eve.
潔西卡: 嘿! 你有感覺到地震嗎?我那時候在上課,嚇了我好大一跳。
潔西卡: 我們去中央氣象局的網站上看看震央跟強度的報告。
潔西卡: 我衷心希望沒有人受傷。

1) Tremor n. 震動
Are you sure there was an earthquake? I didn’t feel the tremor.

你確定剛剛有地震? 我沒感覺到震動啊。

2) Spooky adj. 可怕
I wouldn’t want to live in an old house. I find them dark and spooky.
3) Bureau n. 局處
The Foreign Affairs Bureau handles visas for foreign workers in Taiwan
3) Magnitude n. 強度
The higher the magnitude, the stronger the earthquake is.
4) Originate v. 源自
The rumor originated in the marketing department and quickly spread to the whole company.

Idioms and Expressions: 慣用語和實用表達法
e1) Give someone quite a fright 嚇人一跳
I didn’t see you standing there! You gave me quite a fright!
e2) According to 根據
According to the Central Weather Bureau, the typhoon is going to miss us.