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OMG! Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. 喔買尬的! 凱蒂貓不是貓?!

Nick: Hey Aaron, what are you up to?
哈囉~ 阿倫,最近好嗎?

Aaron: I’m shopping for a birthday present for my girlfriend. She loves cats so I’m thinking of giving her some Hello Kitty merchandise.

Nick: I hate to break it to you man, but Hello Kitty is NOT a cat.

Aaron: Huh? If Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, then what the heck is she? I mean she’s got cat ears and her name IS “Kitty”. Next you’ll tell me that Snoopy is not a dog.
? 凱蒂貓不是貓? 那牠是什麼鬼東東啊? 我是說,牠有貓耳朵,而且牠的名字是 Kitty! 難道下次你要告訴我史奴比不是狗嗎?

Nick: Well, according to the news, the makers of Hello Kitty revealed that she is actually a little girl. She even has a pet cat of her own named  “Charming Kitty”. However, the creators of Snoopy have confirmed that Snoopy IS a dog.
~ 根據新聞報導,凱蒂貓的創作人宣佈凱蒂貓其實是一個小女孩。她甚至還有一隻自己專屬的寵物貓,叫做迷人吉蒂。然而,史奴比的創辦人已經確認史奴比的確是條狗。

Aaron: Gee! I wouldn’t have pegged you for a Hello Kitty fan. Maybe you should help me pick out a present for my girlfriend.

Nick: Not really. The Internet is abuzz with the revelation since her creators Sanrio set the record straight. Celebrities have been chiming in with opinions about it. I can help you pick out a present though; I’m pretty good at these things.
也不是啦。自從吉蒂的創作者揭露這件事情之後,網路上就鬧得沸沸揚揚的。名人們都想要插嘴表達自己的意見。我可以幫你挑禮物喔,我還頗在行的。[Browsing through the internet瀏覽網頁中]

Nick:Hey! How about this pink Hello Kitty Ferrari?!

Aaron: Nope. Don’t think so.

Expressions and vocabulary

1) up to忙於
He always has this look on his face like he’s up to no good.他總是一副不安好心的臉。

2) merchandise (n.)商品
I’ll give you a call when the merchandise arrives at the store.商品到店時,我會打電話給你。

3) I hate to break it to you很不想潑你冷水
I hate to break it to you, but you failed the upgrade test.我不想當掃興的人,但是你沒考過試。

4) what the heck?搞什麼?
What the heck is up with all these people wearing glasses with no glass?這些人帶著沒有鏡片的眼鏡到底是在搞什麼鬼?

5) reveal (v.)揭露
Lots of people were eagerly waiting for Apple to reveal the new iPhone 6.許多人渴望的等著蘋果公司發布蘋果第六代手機。

6) gee (interj.)老天爺啊
Gee, your hair smells terrific!天啊~你頭髮聞起來很香。

7) confirm (v.) 確認
I’m calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow.我打來是想要確認明天的預約。

8) peg someone for標記某人…為
I pegged him for a teacher, but he’s actually an engineer.我以為他是老師,沒想到是一位工程師。

9) pick out 挑選
Could you help me pick out a costume for Halloween?可以幫我挑一件萬聖節變裝服嗎?

10) abuzz (adj.)嗡嗡作響沸沸揚揚
The internet is abuzz with news about the gutter oil scandal.網路上有關於餿水油的新聞鬧得沸沸揚揚。

11) set the record straight更正
Let me set the record straight. I’m not pregnant. I just gained a bit of weight.讓我釐清事實,我沒有懷孕,我只是變胖一點點而已。

12) chime in插嘴

Feel free to chime in anytime with a question or a comment.有問題或意見請隨時加入討論。

Scottish Independence Referendum


John: Hey Bobo, what are you reading?

Bobo: Oh, it’s a story about the results of the referendum in Scotland.

John: Scotland had a referendum? What were they casting ballots for?

Bobo: You don’t know? Independence. A lot of Scots feel they’d be better off without the UK.

John: How did I not know that? Well, how’d it turn out? Did they elect to stay together or split up?

Bobo: The pro-independence side lost by quite a bit. It wasn’t very close in the end. 55% for stay, 45% for go.

John: Huh.Well, I’m off to get some lunch. Fancy a bite?

Bobo: Yeah. Let’s go.

referendum (n)   公民投票
-an election on an issue rather than to elect leadership 
Taiwan held its first nationwide referendum on March 2004.
對事案進行的投票, 而不是對國家領導人進行的投票

cast ballots (v)  投票
- vote
I cast a ballot for him.

better off (adj) 處境更佳/比較好 
  - in a better situation
We were better off as friends!

split up (v) 分開
- separate       
The couple decided to split up after the meeting.

in the end (exp) 最後
 - the final result of a situation
They finally succeeded in the end.

IFA 2014


John: Hey,um… I don’t think I can go to Jimmy’s after work. I just found out that Apple is announcing the long-awaited iPhone 6 tonight live on the Internet.

 Tom: Oh, that’s too bad. I was hoping you could join me for a round of beer. I guess I’ll have to take a rain check on that one.

John: Yeah, I’m sorry. So you’re not really into the digital gadgetry, are you?
是啊,真不好意思。 你好像不是對這些數位玩意兒很有興趣?

Tom: I guess I’m not. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great that all these smart devices are changing people’s lives for the better but I just don’t get why some people are willing to pay a king’s ransom for something that will eventually force them to work anytime, anywhere.

John: I see where you’re coming from, and I suppose you’re right. From my perspective though, I just think it’s a great way to connect to people and the world. The Internet is literally at your fingertips. Furthermore, anyone and everyone can gain and share knowledge at the speed of light. That is why handheld devices are so fascinating and are all the rage nowadays.

1. long-awaited adj. 令人期盼的
 something that people have been waiting for
 The long-awaited sequel to the block buster has finally been announced.

2. take a rain check idiom 改約
 to reschedule or do something at another time
 Do you mind taking a rain check for the dinner? I don’t think I’m going to make it.

3. be into something idiom 喜歡某事物
 to like something
 My wife is not really into baseball, but she always goes to the game with me.

4. gadgetry n. 裝置的集合/總稱
 a collection of gadgets
 His entire office is rigged with mechanical gadgetry.

5. for the better adj. 往好的方向...
 Resulting in or aiming at an improvement
 Nobody believes the politicians can change the country for the better.

6. to get v. 了解
 to understand
 I don’t get what he says sometimes.

7. a king’s ransom n. / idiom 一大筆金額(國王的贖金)
 a large amount of money
 The shop is charging a king’s ransom for their mediocre service.

8. see where sb is coming from idiom 了解某人的立場
 to understand someone’s position on an issue
 After a long discussion, I started to see where my dad is coming from.

McDonald’s Cosplay Servers

McDonald’s Cosplay Servers
John: Hey Amanda, did you hear about that McDonald’s in Taipei?  The workers wear cosplay costumes,like maids, flight attendants, and Japanese schoolgirls!  I’m really looking forward to my next business trip to Taipei!
約翰:嘿,亞曼達,你有聽說最近台北麥當勞的消息嗎? 他們的員工穿著像女僕、空服員還有日本高校服等角色扮演的服裝!我好期待我下次去台北出差喔!

Amanda: John, that’s inappropriate.
亞曼達: 約翰,我覺得那樣很不恰當。

John: Why?

Amanda: Two things come to mind immediately.  First, are all the workers young women?  Second, you’re an adult man talking about being entertained by young women.
亞曼達:因為這使我立即想到兩件事。首先,這些員工都是年輕女性吧? 第二,你是個成年的男性,卻說著這些年輕女生讓你們有多開心、多快樂。

John: Don’t get so riled up!  Why do you have to politicize everything?
約翰:不要那麼神經質好嗎! 你幹麻每次都要小題大作?

Amanda: Do you really not see a problem with this? You’re excited about young girls in submissive positions.

John: I was about to tell you to get off your high horse, but when you put it like that, I can see what you mean.

Amanda: Good!


Inappropriate(adj) 不恰當的 (形容詞)
I don’t mean to be inappropriate, but I need to tell you that I can see right through your shirt.  You should really put on a sweater.

Immediately (adv)  立刻地 (副詞)
Oh my goodness, why are you standing on the table? Get down immediately, before you fall!
我的天阿,你站在桌子上面幹麻? 在你跌下來之前立刻下來!

Submissive (adj) 服從的 (形容詞)
 Despite efforts to increase his self-esteem, Dennis still felt submissive around bullies.

Politicize (verb) 政治化、把某件事的議題放大讓大家都關心 (動詞)
My cousin likes to politicize everything, and that makes it hard to have a regular conversation with her.


To be looking forward to something 期待某事
 I’m so happy that my parents will visit!  I’m really looking forward to seeing them.

Get riled up  使某人生氣或繃緊神經
Hey, we’re going to make it on time, so calm down!  There’s no reason to get riled up.

Sitting on a high horse 自以為是、自以為地位崇高
My neighbor thinks he’s better than everyone else because his kid goes to the best university.  He’s always sitting on his high horse, judging everyone else’s kids.

Come to mind 想到、某種想法浮上心頭
When you talk about traveling next summer, France comes to mind.